There is Beauty in everything; it’s not a matter of finding it, it is being able to see it and then capture it.

John King is a native Chicagoan now residing in Los Angeles. He began taking pictures at an early age, first of the Great SONY DSCChicago Architecture including many of the classic theaters as well as the many beautiful aspects of the Lakefront, the wooded trails and seasonal changes. Eventually doing editorial work for his school paper before having the opportunity to work with Mike Lake Productions on numerous Industrial films and advertising work from still to video.

After attending Colombia College he made his way west to explore other avenues that eventually led him right back to here, Photography.

Working from Los Angeles he frequently works in fashion, editorial, publicity and landscapes he does not like to limit himself as he feels it can make you stale. So he may be working on a models portfolio this week and shots for a website next week or could spend time on a film working as the set photographer. Likely the only things you will never see him doing are Weddings and birthday parties, which takes a special kind of bravery. He would rather hang off the top of a building to get his shots.

Ideally he will work on projects that reflect the feel of an Alexander McQueen ad, one that allows the viewer to see something new each time they view at the ad. The more creative the idea, the better. In the end his goal is not to be more of the same, it’s to be what you want and more.